To the Ends of the Earth

Ushuaia: El Fin Del Mundo
[oo - shw eye - ah] Argentina, in the Patagonia region, an island of Tierra Del Fuego. Southernmost City in the World. Situated between the Beagle Channel and the Andes Mountains.

Icebergs: Floating Fortress of Frost

More than 80% of an iceberg's mass is hidden beneath the surface of the water. These pieces have fallen off Antarctic Glaciers -- the ice thousands of years old.

Antarctica: St. George and Half Moon Islands

A Polish research station is housed on St. George Island, studying the effect of tourism on the environment. These islands are part of a cauldera -- a sunken crater from a volcano that blew millions of years ago.

Wildlife: Up Close and Personal

While we didn't get a picture of the Crabeater seal, we sighted several humpback whales pods (those black spots in the water), several species of birds, and some porpoises. Oh, and a few penguins...

New Year's Eve: A Gala Event
Anchored just north of Half Moon Island, we counted down to the New Year two hours before Eastern Standard Time on the Aegean I.

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