Honeymoon in Oz

Melbourne, Victoria

The second largest city in Australia, and capital of Victoria, Melbourne is a lovely city! We found that all of the major cities have botanical gardens, and the gardens in Mel were beautiful. Melbournites have quite a pride of their city - told us NOT to go to Sydney, because "there's nothing there." And we saw the Fairy Penguins! (No pictures, though.)

Brisbane (briz bon) is the capital of Queensland, and gateway to Beerwah - where the Crocodile Hunter is. Other than that, though, we wouldn't recommend Brisbane. The Australia Zoo was great; there was Steve Irwin, larger than life. He was very funny - we have a lot of video of him.

This was our favorite part of our trip. The Great Barrier Reef was amazing, and Kuranda and the Rainforest were equally as pretty. There are actually areas where the rainforest comes all the way down, and the mangroves meet the reef! Plus, every night, we watched giant fruit bats fly out to the forest for food; big, kitty-sized bats, flapping above us. Very neat!

The Outback

We went to Alice Springs, then drove to Ayer's Rock (Uluru) and the Olgas (Kata Tjuta). It was the true Australian experience. Those rocks are OLD!!! It was hot - over 100, and dry. But the scenery was fantastic. Rocks so red, you can hardly imagine! And, no, we didn't eat kangaroo, emu, crocodile or camel (although, those were common fare on restaurant menus). The #1 issue on "Survivor: The Outback" will be the flies!

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